16-year-old Full-Stack Developer + Data Science Researcher

I am the lead developer of fydos.io, a game of FuturePear Studios. I additionally do some minor work on some other games, whether it is graphic design or fixing small bugs [including erth2 or biovo.io].

I am the main journalist for TheSidelineStat, a sports (specifically NBA & NFL) editorial that combine aspects of data science with statistics and sports interpretations. I write articles weekly and I try to dicuss what's not discussed in the NFL. TheSidelineStat follows the motto "for the fans, by the fans."

NFL06 was an old project using Discord's JS library. Additionally, it was a Discord bot that had amassed hundreds of servers before it was shut down in September 2022; NFL06 had all aspects of NFL statistics present in it and was updated frequently.

You can also check out some of my other projects on my Github!

Hello, my name is Neil Purohit! I am a 16-year old developer who specializes mainly in Java, HTML/CSS/JS, and NodeJS. I have been programming for over 5 years up to this point and I used my skills to build medium-scale projects. I also participate in hackathons and in the USACO (aiming for silver to a gold medal). I hope to soon one day major in Data Science and use my skills to conduct significant research projects!

Aside from programming, I play soccer (for both my high school and my club), run short-distance in T&F, and ski. I additionally participate in Math Olympiad aswell as volunteer in my freetime.

You can contact me through my Instagram or Email. If you want to check out the rest of my portfolio, you can do so through Github or Replit.